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My Main Account || Temptation and Betrayal Official Site

:star:Welcome to the main page for Temptation and Betrayal!:star:
Temptation and Betrayal, dubbed TaB for short, is a graphic wolf novel. Beware, this comic won't be like a Disney movie; there  will be blood and gore. xP

:star:Story Summary:star:
In this story, there is a male wolf who meets a female out in the woods. The male, Azrick, brought the mysterious female, Serici, to his pack. But after Serici was accepted as a member, devastating things started happening.
The more Azrick investigates, the more he learns; one of the things he learns is about the great wolf pack long before his... the Divine Bloods. As he discovers thier devastating story, he begins to suspect Serici isn't who she really is...


Alright, my lovely fans and supporters, here's some news you've probably wanted to know... TaB is starting up on it's tracks yet again!
TaB now has a new official site, as well. You can visit it  here.
Since the site is still under MAJOR contrusction, the actual comic won't be released too soon (it's expected date is late spring/early summer). But, however, that doesn't mean I can't upload character transparents. The transparents that I upload will also appear under the official site's "The Cast" tab. The characters that'll spoil the story with have a preview (I hope I can do that), so you won't see anything if you don't want to. :p The main charcters/cahracter that won't spoil the story won't have a preview.

Also, if you'd like to submit fanart in the future, please e-mail me the file so I can put it on the site; all fanart will be included; literature counts. :p Don't worry, I'm not a thief. I'll give you the crdit on the site.

Well, that's all for now, guys. Have a nice day! :D

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